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T436 - Fall 2012 - Week 12

Announcements/Reality check

  • Blogs -& crew critique - Several have slacked off with these.
  • Production meeting
  • Quiz today (except Eumi)
  • Look at rough cuts on Wed


The end of the semester is nearly upon us. This week and next are the last chances to shoot anything. All shorts must be completed by the Monday following Thanksgiving. We'll look at what we have this week and next Monday, a week from today (11/12). The week following Thanksgiving (11/28) I'm inviting Jon Vickers, John Walsh, Brent Molnar, Steve Krahnke, and Susan Kelly to come in and give some feedback.

What remains to be done:

  • Finish productions & turn in Production Books.
  • For each production we need:
    • Final script or treatment (Please put these in the "Final Scripts/Treatments" folder in Oncourse.)
    • Talent releases (incompletes given until these are turned in)
    • License releases for any non-licensed music
    • Finished (broadcast safe) ProRes 1080i 29.97 (HQ or 4:2:2) Quicktime file
    • Precise running time (min, sec, & frames)
    • Short 1-2 sentence description for TV Guide & IU Cinema programs
    • Word doc of the audio dialog/elements for closed captioning. Please put these in the "Final Stories CC Scripts" folder in the Resources section of Oncourse
  • Select final shorts for the TV show (not all will make the cut)
  • Final Exam - earlier?

Shoot Host intro and segues for the various shorts? We used to do this but I didn't the last few years since it wasn't necessary. Since the quaility of the shorts and whether we're using them has yet to be determined, production of the segues poses logistical challenges.

Plan wrap party

In reviewing roughs, consider what will make the story clearer. What will make it better technically or aesthetically? Last year we improved some by adding addionnal shots (establishing, connecting, cutaways, etc.)

Final Review Session

We'll be review all of the final finished shorts the week after Thanksgiving. We'll have some special guests in to help review and critique. Everyone will be asked to submit a Critical Evaluation of all of the programs. See the website for details.



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