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T436 - fall 2012 - Week 14


Agenda, Announcements & Reality check

  • Only two weeks left before Finals Week!
  • Our critical review session is this week during lab.
  • Next week we'll have a comprehensive review for the final exam.
  • Cinema Techniques Lesson Several have still not turned in their paper and as a result will get a low grade on this. Today is the absolute last day to get them to me. Really curious to try to understand why so many did not understand that a paper was due?
  • I need a link to the youtube/vimeo version of your edit and a full-resolution 29.97 1080i Quicktime copy before noon on Wednesday. You can either give it to me directly or place a copy via the dropbox.
  • Cut list / project status
  • TV, Cinema & Digital Cinema. Impact of digital cinema, equipment and distribution.
  • IRTS Summer Fellowship Program Announcement

    Want a chance to be selected for an exciting media industry internship in New York City that includes travel, accommodations and an allowance?

    Students selected for this highly competitive program learn about opportunities throughout the media industry, in addition to interning at a specific company where skills are matched to a corresponding area of our business. Accomplished students from all majors (including math, computer science, business, marketing, communications, etc.) are encouraged to apply.

    Learn more at: http://irtsfoundation.org/summerfellowshipprogram.html.

    The application due date is Sunday, December 9th, 5PM EST.

Lauren Kruk-Winokur
Director, Academic Programs & Communications
1697 Broadway, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10019
212.867.6650x12 | lauren.kruk-winokur@irts.org

  • Final Exam: The new proposed Final Exam time is Monday, December 10 at 10:40 AM. (during what would be our normal class period). The Registrar had us scheduled for 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM, Wednesday December 14th.
  • Wrap party status?

This Wednesday screening session: I've invited a handful of people (including Jon Vickers, John Walsh, Brent Molnar, Ron Osgood, Steve Krahnke, and Susan Kelly) to come in, watch your projects and give you some some feedback.

Outputting HD Master Programs. All editors need to provide me with a 1920x1080 29.97 ProRes HQ Quicktime movie before noon on Wednesday.

During our screening everyone will need to critique the shorts and write down comments (at least a few favorable and 3 weaknesses) and post them to OnCourse by Friday. Please post them to the "FinalFeedback" folder. (BTW Bullet points are fine.)

Expectations and some things to fix in advance of any feedback you'll receive next Wednesday:

  • Start and end in black
  • Normal dialog audio levels need to be set for -20 (Test Tone is set for -20. Most dialog will be at or just below this level.)
  • Video levels should be within 100 IRE (A safe broadcast filter easily does the trick)
  • Titles need a treatment. Just as every shot should have some aspect of art/beauty to it, the titles and credits should get equal attention
  • Story flow: Most of the stories I've seen can be stronger with additional shots and re-editing. We'll try to identify these this Wednesday.
  • Sound design: Almost all of the videos I've seen need more attention to the soundtrack. It needs depth, character and should help push the story along.


Cut sheet - Please take a look at it. Need:

  1. Final Script or Treatment UPLOADED to the ONCOURSE FOLDER
  2. TRT in minutes and seconds plus a short description in one or two sentences. (Just send this to me in an email.
  3. Releases - I don't have many completed Production Packets (with releases). Producers (and maybe Directors?) will receive an incomplete if these aren't turned in.
  4. LATEST EDIT (LINK to on-line version & full 29.97 1080i HD MEDIA)

Jobs/tasks for this week

Extra credit opps:

  • Making a DVD of all of the projects to give actors. (Need 1 person)
  • Editing master show (1 person so far: Evan) will receive extra credit but will be an incomplete)




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