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T436 - Fall 2011 - Week 15


  • Reality check
  • Review for Final Exam
  • Class Evaluation

Announcements/Reality check

IU Cinema Screening - If you want your project (possibly) screened at the IU Cinema today is the day to make sure I have all of the info. (I sent everyone an Oncourse email out last week.) asking for you to bring/send the following to me today at the latest:

  • Total running time (in minutes & seconds)
  • Short description (1-2 sentences)

I needed those two things anyway. If you want your project possibly screened at the IU Cinema please make sure that today I have:

  • 1920 x 1080 29.97 ProRes (4:2:2 or HQ) Quicktime file
    1920 x 1080 29.97 XDCam 50MBps
  • A production still (E.g. screenshot or photo)

WRAP PARTY to follow Wed screening. Thanks Kate!!!

Outputting Final Finished Projects (not for IU Cinema) MUST be done by Monday morning (12/10)!

Remember that Producers and Directors are responsible for making sure shows are edited as strongly as possible and completed. I do expect changes to have been made and care to have gone into the sound design and the appearance of titles and credits.

Editors should include a slate at the beginning followed by at least 5 seconds of black. (A countdown is not necessary). At least 5 seconds of black at the end is also a good idea. Remember that your average audio dialog levels should be about -20. Please run a safe video filter to make sure clips are at or below 100 IRE.

Exporting: Please provide me with a full size HD 1920x1080i 29.97 Quicktime or XDCam file:

  • Quicktime file using Apple ProRes HQ or 422
      • or
  • XDCam 50 Mbps

It's EXTREMELY important that I get all of the final self-contained Movie clips (Incompletes until I get them.). We'll be re-editing some of these to make them fit and to bring it into legal video limits.

Outstanding/remaining Production Packets are due by 5 PM Friday of this week. Incompletes will be given if these are not turned in or are incomplete (E.g. missing releases).

Brian - Can you please do the CC script for In My Shoes?

Mark & Evan - Editors for final shows.

Go through cut sheet

Final Exam: Monday (12/10) at 10:40 AM


Cinematography Resources

Join the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers). They have student rates, an excellent website (with good articles) and publish the magazine, American Cinematographer.

Become familiar with the AFI (American Film Institute). They are a national institution promoting excllence and education in the art of film. They run festivals and workshops.

Further your education at The Workshops, in Rockport, Maine. They have excellent classes in everything from lighting and acting to directing and editing. This is probably *the* best place to learn and get re-charged. Their classes are excellent and the location is beautiful (and the food is also top notch).

Read a good book or magazine. As mentioned above American Cinematographer is good. You might also want to check out Millimeter, Videography and Post.

The Camera Assistant - A complete Professional Handbook
by Douglas C. Hart

The Camera Asistant's Manual
David Elkins, S.O.C.

by Kris Malkiewicz and David Mullen

Directing - Film Techniques and Aesthetics
Michael Rabiger

The Grip Book
by Michael Uva

Motion Picture and Video Lighting
by Blain Brown

Review For Final Exam

Study old quizzes and last few weeks of lecture notes.

Course Evaluation

Need a volunteer to collect these and to take up to Ashleigh Nero. T436 - 28609

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