Indiana University
Ron Osgood

Ron Osgood

Professor & Facilities Manager,
The Media School

Radio-TV Center, Room 329
(812) 855-5096

osgoodr 'at'

“What an exciting time to be involved in the media production industry. There are opportunities on a global scale for those who want to make a difference through media communications. I challenge you to use your individual enthusiasm and collective power to make this a better world for future generations.”

Joined IU, 1987. B.S., Southern Illinois University, B.A. Communications, 1976, M.S., Education, Southern Illinois University, 1978. Teaching specialization in documentary storytelling and production.

Author of “Visual Storytelling: Videography & Post Production in the Digital Age,” 2008, includes an interactive DVD.

Creative work has been broadcast on network and satellite channels, selected for screening at film festivals and distributed both nationally and internationally. Shirts & Skins 2003 was broadcast throughout Indiana and is available through Films for the Humanities. Trouble No More: The Making of a John Mellencamp Album won a regional Emmy in 2004 and is still available through Blockbuster and Netflix. Indiana’s Earthquake Risk 2005 was distributed to libraries and county officials throughout Indiana and broadcast on local public television stations. My Vietnam Your Iraq: Eight Families, Two Generations 2009. ( has been screened in several film festivals. Currently developing an interactive online documentary that will tell stories about the Vietnam War from both sides.