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The Information Society, Vol.16, No.2, Summer 2000
Special Issue: Manifold Facets of Universal Service

Letter from the Guest Editor
Harmeet Sawhney


Rethinking Universal Service: Citizenship, Consumption Norms and the Telephone
Paschal Preston and Roderick Flynn

Tapping User-Driven Innovation: A New Rationale for Universal Service
Francois Bar and Annemarie Munk Riis

Using Cost Proxy Models with Census Bureau Data to Evaluate Universal Service Funding Options
P.B. Schechter

Identifying Temporary and Permanent Gaps in Universal Service
Jorge Reina Schement and Scott C. Forbes

An End to Disabling Policies?: Towards Enlightened Universal Service
Gerard Goggin and Christopher Newell

Prospects for Expanded Universal Service in Europe: The Cases of Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway
Eli Skogerbo and Tanja Storsul


Universal Service: Defining the Policy Goal in the Age of the Internet
Sharon Eisner Gillett

The First Mile
Sharon Strover

The Information Environment and Universal Service
Leah Lievrouw

Universal Service: Separating the Grain of Truth from the Proverbial Chaff
Harmeet Sawhney