Indiana University
Herb Terry

Herb Terry

Associate Professor,
The Media School

Radio-TV Center, Room 337
(812) 360-3894

terry 'at'

"Legal and political forces are among the many things that shape the field of telecommunications. My teaching and research focuses on telecommunications laws and policies, on the values and ethical principles embodied in those laws and policies, and on the political processes that produce them. This is a very dynamic area of the field as laws and policies adapt to the new National Information Infrastructure -- or the information superhighway."


  • A.B. in History, Stanford University, 1970
  • M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Minnesota, 1974
  • Ph.D. in Mass Communications, University of Minnesota, 1976

  • Relevant Experience:

  • Editor, Access Magazine (Washington, D.C.), 1976
  • Faculty intern, legal department, National Association of Broadcasters,
    Washington, D.C., 1978
  • Former member, City of Bloomington Telecommunications Council
  • Consultant to Bloomington Communication Access television center

  • Selected Publications:


  • T274 Telecommunications Industries and Management
  • T321 Policy-Making in Telecommunications
  • T424 Constitutional and Content Law in Telecommunications
  • T425 Telecommunications Law and Regulation
  • R501 Introduction to Telecommunications Research
  • R601 Seminar in Telecommunications Law and Public Policy - Topic: Telecommunications and the First Amendment

  • Course Home Pages:

  • T321