Indiana University
Will Emigh

Will Emigh

Dept. of Telecommunications

Radio-TV Center, Room 306
(812) 855-1338

wemigh 'at'

Will Emigh joined the IU The Media School as a game design Lecturer in 2013. His current interests include using motion to control video games, particularly for physical therapy, and micro card games. Will is the faculty advisor for the student game design group Hoosier Games, organizes the Sigma Play game conference, and manages the monthly game design meet-up Bloomington Indie Game (BIG) Night.

In the process of earning an MS in Telecommunications (Masters in Immersive Mediated Environments) from IU in 2008, Will led a group of students in the design of an 11-week long alternate reality game. This inspired him to co-found Studio Cypher, a game company that designs positive games. Started in 2005, Studio Cypher produced a series of alternate reality games before expanding to create projects as diverse as kiosk games for Chicago's Field Museum, a card game based on the Prisoner's Dilemma, and physical therapy games using motion-tracking hardware.

Will's background education is in Computer Science (BS) and Philosophy (BS), from North Carolina State University. Before being hired as a full-time lecturer, Will taught as an adjunct at IU.

When not playing board games, Will enjoys taking his rescued pit bull for long walks.