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Paul Wright

Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Telecommunications.

Radio-TV Center, Room 346
(812) 855-3254

paulwrig 'at'

Assistant Professor, joined IU 2011. Graduate education: California State University, Fullerton (M.A., 2006); University of Arizona (Ph.D., 2011). Full Member of the International Academy of Sex Research (2013).

Research interests include media effects and health communication, particularly sexual socialization and sexual health. Teaching interests include sex in the media, media processes and effects, and media and health.

Representative publications:

Wright, P.J. (in press). Americans' attitudes toward premarital sex and pornography consumption: A national panel analysis. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Wright, P.J., & Funk, M. (in press). Pornography consumption and opposition to affirmative action for women: A prospective study. Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Wright, P.J., & Randall, A.K. (in press). Pornography consumption, education, and support for same-sex marriage among adult U.S. males. Communication Research.

Wright, P.J., & Tokunaga, R.S. (in press). Activating the centerfold syndrome: Recency of exposure, sexual explicitness, past exposure to objectifying media. Communication Research.

Wright, P.J., Tokunaga, R.S., & Bae, S. (in press). Pornography consumption and U.S adultsí attitudes toward gay individualsí civil liberties, moral judgments of homosexuality, and support for same-sex marriage: Mediating and moderating factors. Communication Monographs.

Wright, P.J., Arroyo, A., & Bae, S. (in press). An experimental analysis of young womenís attitude toward the male gaze following exposure to centerfold images of varying explicitness. Communication Reports.

Wright, P.J., Tokunaga, R.S., & Bae, S. (2014). More than a dalliance? Pornography consumption and extramarital sex attitudes among married U.S. adults. Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 3, 97-109.

Wright, P.J. (2013). U.S. males and pornography, 1973-2010: Consumption, predictors, correlates. Journal of Sex Research, 50, 60-71.

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Wright, P.J., Malamuth, N.M., & Donnerstein, E. (2012). Research on sex in the media: What do we know about effects on children and adolescents? In D. G. Singer & J. L. Singer (Eds.), Handbook of children and the media (pp. 273-302). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Wright, P.J. (2011). Mass media effects on youth sexual behavior: Assessing the claim for causality. Communication Yearbook, 35, 343-386.

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Wright, P.J. (2009). Sexual socialization messages in mainstream entertainment mass media: A review and synthesis. Sexuality & Culture, 4, 181-200.