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Dong Kyun Kwak

Dong Kyun Kwak

Doctoral Candidate
The Media School
Ph.D. Minor: Business Economics
dkkwak 'at' indiana 'dot' edu


I received my B.A. from Seoul National University (1997), an M.A. in Communication from the SNU Graduate School (2000) in Korea. I was a researcher at KISDI, one of Korean government-funded telecomm policy institutes (1999-2003). Since 2003, I have studied media economics at Telecomm Dept. of IUB, to approach some media policy issues, such as digital convergence, public regulations on pay-TV industry, and fair competition in media industry. I have served as a guest reporter for ‘Digital Media Trend’, a Korean telecomm industry magazine, since 2007. Now I am working on my dissertation about the vertical integration in the US movie industry.

The more detail information is available at my personal homepage.