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Dustin Ritchea

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I received a BA in Theater Arts (concentrations in Directing/Dramaturgy/Playwriting, Performance, and Technical Theater) and English (Creative Writing), as well as minors in Media Writing and Religion from Augsburg College in Minnesota in 2013. During my time spent at Augsburg I studied art and entertainment through various media.  More specifically, I sought to understand how we use different media to construct artificial storyworlds. Ultimately, I want to connect my extensive background in narration and the humanities—e.g., playwriting, directing, acting, storyworld creation, writing, etc.—to pursue a career as a creative director. I am interested in the loosening boundary between games and storyworlds. I am particularly interested in how we construct interactive media through the combination of theater, technology, narratives, and even role-playing, and how these media intersect commercial, entertainment, and artistic avenues.

During my undergraduate career I had several research opportunities. In 2010, I worked as an assistant researcher with Computer Science Professor Larry Crocket on William James’ and Richard Rorty’s philosophies of pragmatism within the dialogue of science and religion. In 2011, with the Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunities Office (URGO), I conducted interviews with artistic directors from various non-profit theater companies across the Twin Cities to determine the motivation for these companies to produce musical theater.  In 2012, I worked with the McNair Scholars Program on an original research article titled, “Realistic Fantasy and Sub-creation: A Narratological Approach to Storyworld Construction Using J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth.” In conjunction with this research, I also conducted a supplemental study on how video games in modern culture are becoming a mode of storytelling as a narrative/ interactive medium.

My personal aspiration is to work towards acquiring practical and professional skills in the areas of managing interactive design and production. I am currently a Telecommunications Major at Indiana University (concentration in Design and Production with emphasis in Narratives and Video Games). I have always tried to step over conventional academic boundaries by concentrating on subjects for which I have a passion, such as the behavioral economics of Star Trek's Data and the logical fallacies thereof, or how Dungeons and Dragons is at the intersection of cultural, interactive, and creative paradigms. I hope to continue my research and creative development while learning about media business models, computer science/technologies, and leadership/management. My ultimate goal is to help companies and artists facilitate the creation of narratives, interactive media, and collaborative business models in an executive capacity as a creative director.