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Fabio Monticone

The Media School
fmontico 'at' indiana 'dot' edu



Five years ago, I departed from my home country, Italy, and returned with a Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications from Indiana University. When I was given the opportunity to continue my studies here and work on my Master's in Design and Production, I could not have been happier. During my undergraduate studies, I worked in many different areas, all of which interested me very much. However, I quickly became fascinated with documentary production and began to focus most of my energy towards doing that. My studies involving documentaries inspired me to pursue a master's in this field where I am be able to concentrate more on projects such as pitching, organizing and producing stories and reports for the internet and television. During my first year of Masters I had the opportunity to work on a 30-minute documentary about Ghost Stories and two short experimental documentaries on the study of the human face and the exploration of the phenomenon called "bathroom graffiti". I have found that I am particularly intrigued by sports stories, in addition to politics, a topic I often faced as a journalist in Italy a few years ago. I am currently working on a documentary about an Italian Baseball team. The MS in Design and Production is helping me improve my skills in production and shooting and it is assisting me in my storytelling abilities as well. When I am not occupied with pitching stories or watching documentaries on the History Channel, I am probably playing soccer with my friends, a hobby which I am obsessed with.