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Sade Oshinubi

The Media School
fsoshinu 'at' indiana 'dot' edu


Studying law and telecommunications, my research interest lies in the intersection of law and various modes of communication. I am most interested in the integration of the internet in telecommunications and its effects on the regulatory framework used to handle communications matters. The legal knowledge I am obtaining matched with an in depth study of telecommunications will enable me to more effectively play an active role in shaping telecommunications policy whether through private practice or government practice. Having served as an intern at the Federal Communications Commission Microsoft's Technology Policy Group, I have gained a higher appreciation for the importance of effective and efficient policymaking for modes of communication the American people have come to rely on so fervently. I hold a BS in Journalism from Georgia Southern University, and it is my passion for the dissemination of information that drives me to pursue a career path that will allow me to ensure that the modes of disseminating information work to benefit the public in the most effective way possible. Earning a JD and MS in Telecommunications will afford me this opportunity.