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Garrett Poortinga

The Media School
gpoortin 'at' indiana 'dot' edu



Before moving to Bloomington to begin my Master's degree, I lived in San Francisco, California. Through my 4 years of living there, I collaborated with dozens of creatives and professionals. I've established a client base ranging from artists and musicians to events to businesses and web start-ups. I have provided diverse services including professional photography, digital video production, online marketing consultancy and talent management. I am most passionate when working alongside musicians and other creatives.

In Fall 2012, I began pursuing a Master of Science in Design and Production within IU's Telecomm department. During my first 3 semesters, I contributed as a Segment Producer to the WTIU-PBS program The Weekly Special. I was responsible for producing the INtune segment, which features a behind-the-scenes interviews with musicians and studio performances. In November 2012, alongside grads and undergrads, founded Indiana All Media student organization. Since then, we've been awarded grants, and own production equipment which we use to develop projects and offer training workshops.

Currently I am working to finish my creative capstone project, in which I provide an array of production services to clients within three distinct domains of industry: Arts & Entertainment, Non-profit, and Commercial.