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Garrett Poortinga

Department of Telecommunications
gpoortin 'at' indiana 'dot' edu

Garrett's portfolio and blog


In 2008 I received a double major Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Design and Production and Fine Arts Photography from Indiana University Bloomington.

Upon graduation, I relocated to San Francisco, California. Through 4 years of living, working, and breathing all that the Bay Area has to offer, I collaborated with dozens of creatives and professionals. I worked hard to establish a client base ranging from creative individuals to events to businesses and web start-ups and have provided a diversity of services including professional photography, digital video production, and website design. I am most passionate when working alongside musicians and other creatives.

In Fall 2012, I began pursuing a Master of Science in Design and Production within IU's Telecomm department. During my first year and continuing into my second year, I am contributing as a Segment Producer to the WTIU-PBS program The Weekly Special. I am responsible for producing the INtune segment, which features a behind-the-scenes interviews with local musicians and studio performances.