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Irene van Driel

PhD Student
The Media School
ivandrie 'at' indiana 'dot' edu



Very generally, I am interested in all that has to do with the impact of (new) media on society.
In my research I would like to make a link between my two main interests, media and neuroscience/ psychology. Some say that we have become more stupid, can't hold a train of thought, are not made to multitask, and that media interfere negatively with our unconscious processes. I am interested in what ways our information processing is affected and what individual differences might contribute to how we adapt to new technologies.
I received an MA in Journalism & New Media from Leiden University (2009) and an MSc Neurosciences from Free University Amsterdam (2007). I was in Bloomington for a few months in 2008, doing research on the impact of new media on traditional (news) media companies. The last few years I have worked at a Dutch media company, thinking out online formats around TV shows and bridging the gap between TV and online departments.

And, being Dutch, I love cycling.