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Sung Wook Ji

Doctoral Candidate
The Media School

jis 'at' indiana 'dot' edu

Curriculum Vitae


I am a doctoral candidate in the Telecommunications program at Indiana University. Prior to coming to IU, I completed my master's degree in Telecommunication, Information, Studies and Media at Michigan State University, and worked as a research staff member in the James H. and Marry B. Quello Center.

My primary research interests center on the social and economic impact of new media technology on the media industry and its policy implications. Specifically, my research focuses on the new media technologies (i.e., Internet and IPTV) and how those technologies have changed our society from the perspective of Economics. Taking course work in both the Mass Communication and Economics areas, my research interest also includes making theoretical connections between these two fields, as I believe such connections could yield fruitful insights into media phenomena.

My research has received recognition in different venues. In addition to several conferences in Mass Communication areas (ICA, AEJMC), I have also contributed papers in the areas of Economics (the Review of Industrial Organization) and Telecommunication Policy (TPRC).
Being trained in these interdisciplinary areas has prepared me for teaching a broad range of courses, including media economics and various mass communication-related theories. In particular, I have conducted quantitative research projects using experimental, survey and secondary data analysis methods which has, I believe, qualified me to teach statistical research methods.