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Joomi Lee

The Media School
joomlee 'at' indiana 'dot' edu


Before coming to IU, I double majored in psychology and English literature (BA) at the Catholic University of Korea. I also had a chance to be an exchange student at Alverno College, Wisconsin, during my senior year in college.

Upon graduation, I had my full-time research experience at the Wisdom Center in Seoul, Korea, a psychology and marketing research firm. Participating in various consulting projects for SK telecom, the North Face, SK communications, and Amore Pacific, I really enjoyed gaining insights upon perceptions of the Korean public regarding social issues, consumer trends, and digital media.

As a MA student here in IU, I am interested in cognitive and emotional processing of mediated virtual environments, such as video games and social networking services. My research questions will involve how people respond to various structural and content features of virtual environments and how their interaction with virtual environments might affect their attitudes and behaviors in real life. I also want to explore changes in cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processing of users when they use growing mobile technologies, including smart phones and tablets.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, traveling, playing video/computer games, and getting to know other people. I love synergy created in good conversations with good people, observing people and their interaction with and within the environment.