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Michelle Funk

The Media School
mefunk 'at' indiana 'dot' edu



I received my BA in Telecommunications from Indiana University in May of 2012, with concentrations in both Design & Production and Media & Society. I began my studies in the communications field with a strong interest in film and cinematography, which led me to an even stronger appreciation for the power of visual storytelling.

I strongly believe that one of the best ways to conduct social science is through analysis of the media we produce – especially television, with its ubiquitous influence and vast span of access across classes and cultures. My greatest research interest as an MA student revolves around portrayals of women and their impact on gender relations in media consumers. This year, I will be presenting a study at the 2013 National Communication Association conference that analyzed the portrayal of women in action movie trailers over a 30-year period, making note of changes in agency, sexuality, and aggression. I worked with a fantastic research team, and I hope to continue producing studies in this area of inquiry.

Recently, I have been interested in incorporating linguistic analysis into my media sexuality research. I am currently working on a study that will analyze word choices used in the packaging of sexually-explicit online media, and eventually, word choices used by men and women in real-life sexual dialogue.

I’m an avid Doctor Who fan, and I enjoy big, goofy dogs, home-grown tomatoes, and long strolls through the wild, beautiful Indiana woods!


Wright, P.J., & Funk, M. (in press). Pornography consumption and opposition to affirmative action for women: A prospective study. Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Wright, P.J., Bae, S., & Funk, M. (in press). American women and pornography through four decades: Exposure, attitudes, behaviors, individual differences. Archives of Sexual Behavior.