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Matthew Falk

Matthew Falk

Doctoral Candidate
The Media School

mfalk 'at' indiana 'dot' edu


I received my BSC in Telecommunications from Ohio University in 2005. After majoring in Audio Production, I worked in the music industry for a year before returning to Ohio University to earn an MA in Telecommunications in 2007. Focused on Media Management, I used that opportunity to found Falk Music LTD, an independent record label. While taking master's courses, I became interested in the research going on related to virtual worlds, and have since become focused on the cognitive processing of audio and attention in both traditional media contexts, and in virtual worlds and other video games. Primarily, I am interested in the role varying game interface elements and sounds play in drawing player's attention to relevant information required to play successfully. Outside of academia I enjoy soccer, hiking, and playing both video and board games.