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Michael Phillips

The Media School
migphill 'at' indiana 'dot' edu



I received my BA in Biology from BSU in 2002 and went on to study Forest Ecology at Oregon State University. I am here at Indiana University to study the design and development of interactive media.

My primary academic interests are in modes and methods of digitally mediated storytelling, bringing digital tools to physical play spaces and the storytelling tools of face to face games to digital productions, how to structure play spaces to encourage non-discriminatory play and social interaction, emergent behaviors and the creation of complex results from relatively simple rule sets, the gamification of non-game tasks in order to improve personal engagement in otherwise under-rewarding tasks, the creation of alternate reality games and of augmented reality tools, and in general, blurring the lines between creators and users of media.

My personal interests include social justice and sustainable systems, table-top role playing games, cooking, cycling, knitting, free and open culture, portable games, writing, and painting little metal and plastic figures.