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Mona Malacane

PhD Student
The Media School
monamala 'at' indiana 'dot' edu



I earned my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Georgia in 2011. My undergraduate academic focus was on early-to-middle childhood development and social psychology, thus my research questions are informed by a media psychology perspective. Broadly, my research interests center on children and media. More narrowly, I am interested in how young, developing adolescents are sexually socialized through the media. The overarching questions that guide my research include, how is sexuality, gender, romantic relationships, and sexual scripts portrayed in the media? Do these messages influence adolescents' sexual identity development, sexual schemas and expectations about relationships? What sexual information do adolescents receive from other influential sources (e.g. parents, friends) and how is information from the media incorporated into that communication?

Outside of academia, I enjoy reading, traveling, knitting and crochet, and hugging trees.