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Nicky Lewis

PhD Student
Department of Telecommunications
nhlewis 'at' indiana 'dot' edu



My overarching research interest can broadly be defined as media psychology; why people use media, the processes involved, and how it affects them. I am particularly interested in applying the concepts of media psychology to competitive mediated environments, or media contexts that focus on competition, such as professional sports, fantasy sports, and video games. Now in my third year of the PhD program, I am currently looking ahead to my dissertation and working on research projects that apply notions of moral and social psychology as they relate to media consumption patterns.

Having graduated with a Bachelor's in Sport Communication from Indiana University in 2006, I was previously a sports producer and training coordinator at several local Cincinnati television stations. In my time as a sports producer, I edited and produced nightly sportscasts and a weekly sports show. As a training coordinator, I organized and led production workshops for the community and sponsored after school video clubs for local children.

In my spare time, I enjoy all things sports and music and am a devout Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals fan.