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Niki Fritz

The Media School
nrfritz 'at' indiana 'dot' edu



I graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications in 2008. After a 5-year dalliance with "the real world" as a freelance writer and non-profit paper pusher, I returned to the ivory towers of academia to pursue my Master's Degree in Telecommunications at IU.

I am currently working on a large-scale content analysis of online pornography. I'm interested in depictions of objectification and violence as well as agency in sexually explicit material. I am also interested the effect of pornography on women as well as the influence of pornography on women's sexuality. I want to investigate not only the content of pornography but also the motivations and effect of consumption. Pornography is fascinating not just because of its content but because of the story it tells and the way people interpret that story. I would like to explore the connection between media literacy and female sexuality. As an avid (but non-bra-burning) feminist and former board member of the Chicago Chapter of the National Organization for Women, I'm always fascinated by the intersection of feminism and pornography such as the grey area between "female-friendly" and feminist porn.

When I'm not busy thinking about porn, I always enjoy a good downward dog, any concert that features a banjo or a full cup of coffee and the latest Atlantic. Since moving to Bloomington I've also bought some expensive hiking boots and enjoy wandering quasi-aimlessly through the gorgeous state parks of Indiana. I'm also currently writing opinion pieces for the RedEye, Daily Dot and Role Reboot.