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Ryland Sherman

Ryland Sherman

PhD Student
The Media School
rysherma'at' indiana 'dot' edu



As a Ph.D. student in the Media School, my academic interests center on the law, economics, and business strategies of media, telecommunications, and technology industries. I studied intellectual property, business, and media law at the Maurer School of Law, and have continued to develop my quantitative skills acquired as an Economics undergraduate from the University of Chicago by completing both professional and Ph.D. minors at IU's Kelley Graduate School of Business.

My recent research with Professor Waterman has related to the development and economic patterns surrounding the nascent online video industry. My dissertation research explores how new media technologies and distribution methods are analyzed by competition regulators and what consequences result from legal policy and business strategy standpoints. I also assist others with quantitative research in a variety of other areas, most recently helping an economics and law professor to find and process a variety of historical census labor data (See Dau-Schmidt, K. G., and Sherman, R., (2013), The Employment and Economic Advancement of African Americans in the Twentieth Century). Please see my CV for more examples of both my topical specialty and quantitative or interdisciplinary assistance to others.

Academic Interests: Media & Telecommunication Policy, Intellectual Property (especially Copyright and IP Licensing), Economics, Industrial Organization, Competition Regulation, Business Strategy, the History of Media & Communications Technologies, Media Project Management, Information Labor Markets, and Creativity.

Personal Preferences: I love work groups and meetings, so I generally prefer group projects over solitary work. I enjoy experiencing nature (especially near, on, or in the water), modern art and design, strategy games, museums, and media of all forms. I exist on a steady diet of magazines, including The Economist, Popular Science, Wired, Motor Trend, and a variety of video game publications. I also love great conversation, eclectic food, and travel, so if you are interested in any of the above, please feel encouraged to strike up a conversation with me.