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Stephanie Brehe

PhD Student
The Media School
sbrehe 'at' indiana 'dot' edu


My research interests revolve around the effects of media production values on emotional response to and cognitive processing of media artifacts. I am particularly interested in the neural networks involved in media processing, with an emphasis on the integration of appetitive and aversive responses during initial processing, and the impact of autobiographical memory upon narrative perception. I employ central and peripheral psychophysiological measures in my research. My professional background is in lighting design and technical production for theater, events, video and film.

I am currently pursuing a doctoral double major in Telecommunications and Cognitive Neuroscience (PBS).

Master's Degree: Mass Communication, graduate minor in Cognitive Science (University of Minnesota, 2011).

Bachelor's Degree: Studies in Cinema and Media Culture, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, with minors in Digital Media and Journalism (University of Minnesota, 2009).