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Shannon Schneck

Department of Telecommunications
scschenc 'at' indiana 'dot' edu



I have a background in visual media communications and literature, so I am interested in both the practical application and theory of telecommunications and media arts and finding ways to bridge the two. I received my BA in Communications from American University in 2008, and my BA in Literature in 2010. I hope that by researching and practicing in the Bloomington area, I can become one of many great IU students to contribute to the development of the Midwest (and particularly Bloomington) as a burgeoning center for communications. I am particularly interested in producing, directing, and screenwriting. On the technical side, I love editing. I hope one day to work in a leadership or management capacity with a media organization, studio or network, with the goal of one day operating my own small media production company.

I am originally from NJ, although I completed high school in Syracuse, NY and lived in Washington, DC for seven years before moving to Bloomington. I am married to an IU Telecomm alum and we have two cats, Yang and Paloma, and two puppies, Appa and Ood Sigma. In my free time, I love to read web comics and comic books, draw, write, play video games, and cook.