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Shannon Schneck

Department of Telecommunications
seschenc 'at' indiana 'dot' edu



I have a background in visual media communications and literature, so I am interested in both the practical application and theory of telecommunications and media arts and finding ways to bridge the two. I received my BA in Communications from American University in 2008, and my BA in Literature in 2010. I hope that by researching and practicing in the Bloomington area, I can contribute to the development of the Midwest (and particularly Bloomington) as a burgeoning center for communications and media studies and production.

From a production standpoint, I am particularly interested in producing, directing, and screenwriting. During the summers, I often teach high school screenwriting and film production courses at my undergraduate institution. From a research perspective, I am interested in participatory fan cultures, narrative, and sex/gender/sexuality in media and mediated experiences. Once I have completed my masters work in Telecommunications, I will follow these research interests in the Department of Informatics Human-Computer Interaction Program. Through this program I hope to continue exploring telecommunications theory, cultural studies, and apply my background in experience in creating and designing narratives and mediated experiences to better understand fan behaviors, particularly how such behaviors construct sense of individual and collective identity.

I am originally from NJ, although I completed high school in Syracuse, NY and lived in Washington, DC for seven years before moving to Bloomington. I am married to an IU Telecomm alum and we have two cats, Yang and One-Eyed Willie, two puppies, Appa and Ood Sigma, and a son-on-the-way, Wesley. In my free time, I love to read web comics and comic books, draw, write, play video games, cook, and do yoga.