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Josh Sites

Josh Sites

The Media School
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I earned my Bachelor of Science in Recording Industry: Production & Technology with a minor in Music from Middle Tennessee State University in 2009. While there, I learned theory and gained experience in studio recording, live sound, and the basics of copyright law. Additionally, I have worked as a live sound engineer at Hersheypark in Hershey, PA for 3 summers where I ran over twenty shows a week. Upon graduation from Middle Tennessee State University, I worked at Sweetwater Sound as a Sales Engineer. There my client list included notable musicians such as Grandmaster Flash, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of The Talking Heads, Doug Yule of the Velvet Underground, Aynsley Dunbar (Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Lou Reed, and more), Panic! At The Disco, and The Gregory Brothers (Songify The News). I also got to work with some of the best engineers and producers out there, including some of my heroes.

My current academic pursuits have me looking at music and audio as mediated messages, generally from an information processing standpoint. Coming from a production background, I am interested in analyzing structural elements of audio, as well as production techniques and concepts. For my thesis, I am looking at generative music systems in video games, and their impact on states of flow.

For fun I like to write, listen to, and play music regularly. I love music that challenges the listener on some level. I'm also an avid cook, and enjoy working with vegan dishes despite not being strictly vegan myself. Finally, to combat the sedentary lifestyle of academia and for its stress relief, I enjoy running regularly.