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Ratan Suri

Ratan Suri

Doctoral Candidate
The Media School
vsuri 'at' indiana 'dot' edu


I am currently a PhD Candidate in the The Media School. Earlier, I earned an MA in Development Communication and Television Production from University of Hyderabad, India, and an MS in Communication from Western Michigan University, Michigan. Prior to my schooling in the United States, I worked on several TV production ventures in India, and then as an Associate Editor for an IT magazine in India. In 2009-2010 as a visiting faculty member, I finished a one year stint of teaching media related graduate courses at the John M. Johnson School of Communication at Howard University, DC.

In 2010-2011 I won the College of Arts and Science dissertation research fellowship for my doctoral research work. My research interests are in media policy, new media/ social media.

My doctoral research work focuses on understanding the influence of Spatial and Location based Technologies on communicative practices of historians. My work has been published in Info, Science Technology & Society, European Journal of Legal Studies, International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing, and in Information Culture. In my leisure time I enjoy camping around in Indiana's beautiful forests, tinkering with woodworking, and white water rafting.