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Whitney Eklof

The Media School
weklof 'at' indiana 'dot' edu


I obtained my B.A. in Telecommunications from Indiana University in the Spring of 2010. As an undergraduate, I also studied in the Hutton Honors College and graduated with honors and academic distinction. While at I.U., I participated in the Multivisions Conference where my game won the Open Game Concept Award and earned a minor in Creative Writing. Now a few years later, I am looking forward to being back at I.U. and pursuing a M.S. in Telecommunications with a focus on storytelling and trans-media story worlds.

My studies thus far have led me back, time and again, to the truth that humanity exists in stories. From the earliest evidence, the cave painting, to the explosion of trans-media we are currently in the midst of, humanity has used stories to express every aspect of what it means to be human. I see myself as another creator and facilitator of such stories and have identified with the freedom and immense depth that fictional works, in particular, can bring. To allow a story to fill us, inspire us and take our imaginations to new and wondrous places which explore the most salient aspects of life, death and all that lies between is an experience that the entire world can share in. Stories transcend language, cultural, ethical and religious barriers and commonality, sadness, joy and wonder can be found by all. I have discovered a delight, a sense of contentment, in being able to express my thoughts and dreams, my inner stories, through the written word, and look forward to continuing my studies in this area.

I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and come from a long line of I.U. graduates. I enjoy reading, watching movies, playing video games and board games. Remember, they can't make you to stop dreaming.