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Ya Gao

Ya Gao

Doctoral Candidate
Department of Telecommunications

yagao 'at' indiana 'dot' edu


B.A. in Advertising, Xiamen University, China, 1999
M.A. in Communications, University of Memphis, 2005

I am a PhD student in Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University since the Fall of 2005. My main area of interest is cognitive and emotional processing of media, including the interplay of old brain and new brain in responding to different media forms and content, and how it shapes the user's media experience. I am also particularly interested in applying the information processing approach to the investigation of well-known media phenomenon such as enjoyment and transportation. Current research is focused on the impact of various aspects and levels of visual/audio structural features on automatic and controlled resource allocation at the local level and the resulting memory. More effect-oriented and traditional research themes that I am also partaking including studies on sexual video content and TV aggression. Built on previous research on emotional media processing, my next research project will be designed to contrast and compare the facilitation/inhibition effects of arousal on different memory subprocesses.

A little bit more about me: Being a fan of IU Opera for over three years, I enjoy live music a lot. I also like exploring different cultures and appreciate the rich ethnic diversity and minlging opportunity that Bloomington offers. In my leisure time at home, I love reading classic mystery books or watching historical Japanese dramas (both for entertainment and for language learning purpose). I have been a diligent student of Japanese language for over a year and can speak not much but very good Japanese, or at least my teacher and my Japanese friends made me think so!