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Yongwoog Jeon

Department of Telecommunications
yongjeon 'at' indiana 'dot' edu


I identified my strong interest in the study of communications at UK universities. I received my BA in Media and Communications from University of London(Goldsmiths) where I enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of media studies. Then, I earned my MPhil in East Asian Studies with a special focus on Korean and Japanese screen media from University of Cambridge.

Before coming to Indiana, I was a researcher at KISDI, a government-affiliated research institute dedicated to social-scientific researches on communications in Korea. For about 3 years, I participated in various research projects on communication industry working closely with Korean policy-makers. Specifically, I conducted researches on international trade in audiovisual services, the impact of mergers and acquisitions between media conglomerates on public interests, and socio-economic impacts of new media.

Now, I am here in Bloomington to pursue an MA in Telecommunications. At IUB, I'd like to gain deeper theoretical understanding of communications based on stronger empirical findings. In doing so, I want to satisfy my never-ending academic curiosities aroused by questioning what we may take for granted: communications.