Transmedia Storytelling with Robby Benson

New Course: Fall 2014

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Actor, director, writer, composer, Broadway star and IU Professor Robby Benson is co-teaching a year-long class with screenwriter Susan Kelly: Transmedia Storytelling.

The Media School Presents: Transmedia Storytelling
Co-taught by Robby Benson and Susan Kelly
Tuesdays 9.00–12.00 and Lab Fridays 9.00–12.00

The vision for Transmedia Storytelling is to transcend the traditional disciplinary boundaries that often function to separate creative resources at the university. Our intent for this inaugural year-long media production class is to produce a feature length musical film which incorporates multiple media forms and lends itself to cross media platform adaptations, integrating as many disciplines and skill-sets as possible.

From the original story idea, the class will produce:

  • a feature length musical film
  • a feature length screenplay
  • an adapted short story and/or novel
  • an interactive book for a tablet
  • a 3D film
  • a digital game
  • an animated sequence in the film
  • multiple choreographed dance numbers
  • original music and lyrics
  • an original film score
  • a stage play
  • a documentary

Susan Kelly and Robby Benson will co-author the original story. The story concept integrates the diverse creative communities that comprise the IU/Bloomington connection and its themes celebrate love, overcoming adversity, and the best of the human spirit.

Applying for the Class

  • The class will be organized around a core group of Graduate Students who will be accountable for taking the creative lead on each media element. Both Graduate and Undergraduate students will comprise the creative teams the graduate students will lead to realize the final vision.

  • The class will require a strong work ethic, the ability to work independently and as part of a team, and the ability to work under a deadline.

  • The learning experiences and learning outcomes for each student will be determined by which position they accept. Position descriptions are linked below.

  • There is a limit to the number of students we can accept; therefore admittance to the course is by INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL and APPLICATIONS ONLY.

  • Not all positions will be year-long. For some students this will be a one semester class.

When you apply, indicate what position you want. Include your resume and list of classes you have taken that help us understand your qualifications for a position. Note that some positions are supervisory which require more advanced skills, while others are entry level. Please read the description of each position before applying.

Graduate T540   333696
Undergraduate T436   33695

Go here to apply.

Available Positions

Interactive Tablet

  • Production Leader
  • Production Team
  • Artist


  • Production Leader
  • Production Team
  • Artists


  • Actors, Singers, Dancers
    by audition only
  • Playwright
  • Novelist