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Certificate in Game Studies

The Certificate in Game Studies is intended for students who want to focus specifically on designing and building interactive games. A student may earn an area certificate as part of completing the bachelor’s degree and in addition to completing requirements for a major. The Area Certificate in Game Studies is available to students outside the telecommunications major or minor.

The program requires the completion of a 13 credit core and 15 credit hours of electives. Each course must be completed with a minimum grade of C– or higher.

This limited certificate programs are for students who do not major or minor in Telecommunications. If you are a major or minor in Telecommnications and have an interest in these topics, see the Department's full Program in Game Design.

Required Courses

Telecommunications (13 credit hours)
T160 Videogames: History and Social Impact (3 cr.)
T206 Introduction to Design and Production (3 cr.)
T284 Introduction to Interactive Media Design (3 cr.)
T367 Theory and Practice of Game Design (3 cr.)
T460 Projects in Game Design (1 cr.)

At least 9 of the 15 credit hours of electives must be at the 300-400 level.

Computer Science
A116 Multimedia Communications (1.5 cr.)
A201 Introduction to Programming (4 cr.)

Fine Arts
D210 Digital Art (3 cr.)
D310 Interactive Multimedia (3 cr.)
D317 Video Art (3 cr.)

T260 The Videogame Industry (3 cr.)
T353 Audio Production (3 cr.)
T361 Interactive Transmedia Design (3 cr.)
T364 Introduction to 3D Digital Modeling and Animation (3 cr.)
T366 Multiplayer Game Design (3 cr.)
T369 Sound Design (3 cr.)
T433 Advanced Projects in Web Design (3 cr.)
T461 Advanced Interactive Transmedia Design (3 cr.)
T464 Advanced 3D Digital Modeling and Animation (3 cr.)

Theatre and Drama
T438 Lighting Design (3 cr.)

Jacobs School of Music
Z361 Introduction to MIDI and Computer Music (3 cr.)

Students seeking the certificate should contact an undergraduate advisor in the Department of Telecommunications before beginning study. The semester prior to graduation, students must present their program of study to an undergraduate advisor in the Department of Telecommunications for certification.

Revised August 2008