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Design & Production Track

Purpose: This area focuses on the design and production of audio, video, and multimedia materials. Courses in this sequence provide the concepts, skills, and insights necessary for successful creative work. Facilities include a large television studio, audio studios, video field production gear, analog and digital editing workstations, and multimedia computer workstations.

Possible careers: Employment in a variety of institutions such as broadcasting, cable, production houses, and corporate communication centers. Positions include writers, producers, directors, production managers, sound recordists, post-production coordinators, editors, and multimedia designers.

Design & Production course offerings:

T206 Introduction to Design & Production (required of majors)
T211 Writing for Electronic Media
T283 Introduction to Video/Audio Production
T284 Introduction to Interactive Media Design
T331 Scriptwriting
T351 Video Field and Post-Production
T353 Audio Production
T354 TV Graphics & Animation
T356 TV Studio Production
T361 Interactive Transmedia Design
T362 Interactive Transmedia Design with Director
T364 Introduction to 3D Modeling & Animation
T365 Advanced 3D Digital Modeling & Animation
T369 Sound Design
T435 Documentary Production
T436 Advanced Television Workshop
T437 WTIU Production Workshop
T452 Topical Seminar in Design and Production
S452 Honors Seminar in Design and Production
T454 DVD Authoring

Advanced Production Class Application: LINK