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Games, especially on computing devices, are now considered one of the dominant forms of media. Reflecting this reality, the Department of Telecommunications offers a special sequence of courses in Game Design:

  • T160 Videogames: History and Social Impact
  • T260 The Videogame Industry
  • T366 Multiplayer Game Design
  • T367 Theory and Practice of Game Design
  • T452 Advanced Seminar in Videogame Design and Production
  • T460 Projects in Game Design

Through this coursework, students gain expertise in the theory and practice of Game Design and Interactive Media. The advanced courses (T452 and T460) are workshops where students receive course credit for making their own games. Completed games are publicized in the student portfolio section of this website.

Students who complete this sequence of courses can add related Telecommunications courses and create a major in Telecommunications completely devoted to Games and Interactive Media. Some other courses to consider:

  • T284 Intro Interactive Media Design
  • T353 Audio Production
  • T361 Flash Games and Interactive Media
  • T364 Intro To 3D Digital Modeling and Animation
  • T369 Sound Design

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