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The honors program in the Department of Telecommunications provides a unique opportunity for students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. If you have a grade point average of 3.5 in telecommunications and 3.3 overall, you are eligible to take part in a program that will enable you to enroll in special advanced seminars, to work on your own independent project during your senior year, and to graduate with the distinction of being an honors student. For more information, see the departmental honors advisor, Barbara Cherry,, in Radio-TV 313, call 856-5690, or email Prof. Cherry at

Alison McMillan

Alison McMillan, Telecom honors student, presenting her paper “Innovating Hollywood: Why PIXAR Steals the Show” at the 2008 Undergraduate Research Symposium & Fair, Indiana Memorial Union, April 6, 2008.


Students who meet the GPA requirements will be notified of their eligibility for the program at the time they are accepted into the department. Students who do not meet the requirements at the time of application, but who later achieve the required GPA, also may apply to the program. Eligible students should complete an application form available from the departmental honors advisor.


In order to graduate with honors, a student must fulfill the following requirements: (a) the completion of a minimum of 12 departmental honors credit hours with a grade of at least B; (b) the completion of a senior-year honors thesis. The 12 hours of honors credit must consist of at least 2 departmental honors seminars (6 credit hours minimum) and the honors thesis (3 credit hours minimum).


The department will offer a special honors seminar most semesters. While the topic will vary, each seminar will provide students with an opportunity to explore issues and carry out research in the intimate setting of a limited-enrollment course. With the permission of the honors advisor, selected graduate-level courses may also count as honors courses.


During the senior year, honors students will design and complete a thesis project under the supervision of a professor in the department. This project gives honors students the unique opportunity to explore their own interests in greater detail than would be possible in any classroom setting. Before beginning the thesis, students must have completed 6 hours of departmental honors credits with a grade of at least B. Students must complete a thesis proposal under the guidance of a supervising professor, and then submit the proposal for approval by the honors advisor and the supervising professor. Once the proposal is approved, the student may proceed with the project.


Honors students who complete the departmental honors requirements and the honors thesis, while maintaining a GPA of 3.5 in Telecommunications and 3.3 overall, will graduate with departmental honors. This award will be noted on the diploma and the transcript of honors students.