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Undergraduate Program in Telecommunications

Undergraduate Ptrogram

The Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University is an internationally known and respected center for education and research in electronic communication.

The Department is part of a larger College of Arts and Sciences. As a unit of the College, the Department is committed to providing its students with a strong liberal arts education that emphasizes critical thinking, analysis, and the understanding of telecommunictions as a field of inquiry. Such knowledge about telecommunications helps prepare students for leadership roles in the electronic media industries.

Telecommunications course listings and major requirements can be found in the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin.

In addition to the academic experience public broadcasting stations WFIU (FM) and WTIU (TV), instructional teleconferencing media, and departmental state-of-the-art production facilities are located in the Radio-TV Center and provide opportunities for student involvement. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of on-campus and industry internship opportunities.

The Department of Telecommunications provides an honors program for students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievment. For information, see the departmental honors advisor, Barbara Cherry, in Radio-TV 313, call 856-5690, or email Prof. Cherry at


The department has two undergraduate advisors: Janis Bolling and Jeanne Myers. Appointments can be scheduled online through StarNet (

If you are a currently enrolled IU student: Log into StarNet and select the advisor by typing in the advisor's last name (Bolling or Myers), or you you select the advisor from the "Active Advisor List" pull down menu (jbolling or jealmyer). Select the day and time slot from the available openings on the advisor calendar. Be sure to include your PHONE and EMAIL information in case we need to contact you.

If you are a non-IU or inactive student: Call our main office to schedule an appointment, 812-855-3828.

To contact the advisors , email Janis Bolling at or Jeanne Myers at, or call the main office at (812) 855-3828.

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