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Industry & Management Track

Purpose: This course of study focuses on the business, legal, economic, technological, and managerial aspects of telecommunications. A broad range of course offerings provides the opportunity to study the function and operation of the electronic media including radio and television broadcasting, cable, telephone, satellite, and other telecommunications systems. Much attention is given to the changing nature of the media as convergence of technologies leads to the development of new and innovative methods for the delivery of electronic media content.

Possible careers: Employment with commercial and non-commercial broadcasting, cable systems/networks, telephone companies, production firms, marketing/promotion/advertising agencies, small and large users of telecommunications services, government agencies, and consulting firms.

Industry & Management course offerings:
T207 Introduction To Telecommunications Industry and Management (Required of majors)
T242 Public Telecommunications
T321 Policymaking in Telecommunications
T322 Telecommunications Networks
T326 Network Design
T327 Data Communications
T329 Cable/Broadband Communications
T340 Electronic Media Advertising
T344 Programming Strategies
T347 Promotion and Marketing in Telecommunications
T348 Audience Analysis
T413 Global Media Issues
T421 Economics of Communication Industries
T422 Business Applications of Telecommunications
T425 Telecommunications Regulation
T441 Advanced Advertising Strategies
T446 Telecommunications Management
T453 Topical Seminar in Industry and Management
S453 Honors Seminar in Industry and Management