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Media & Society Track

Purpose: Courses in Media and Society emphasize how the electronic media affect our lives, survey the expectations society has of its electronic media, and assess how the media respond to those social expectations. These issues are considered in both U.S. and global contexts. Approaches include those of social scientists (psychologists and sociologists) and humanists (historians, ethicists, and critics).

Possible careers: A knowledge of social aspects of media, especially media effects and ethics, is valuable for all who plan to work in the communications industries. Courses here may be particularly useful for people planning careers in advertising, marketing, programming, or other areas where the goal is to use the media for deliberate purposes. The global aspects of this area are relevant for students seeking careers in international communications. Media and Society is an appropriate track for students who are considering graduate school in communications. Many of its courses are pertinent for students from other fields pursuing a minor in Telecommunications.

Media and Society course offerings:
T205 Introduction to Media and Society (Required of Majors)
T311 Media History
T312 Politics and the Media
T313 Comparative Media Systems
T314 Telecommunications Processes and Effects
T317 Children and the Media
T410 Sex in the Media
T414 Public Communication Campaigns
T424 Telecommunications and the Constitution
T427 International Telecommunications
T445 Sports and Television
T416 Program Analysis and Criticism
T451 Topical Seminar in Media and Society
S451 Honors Seminar in Media and Society