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Undergraduate Program | Advanced Production Courses

Indiana University Department of Telecommunications offers introductory, intermediate, and advanced production courses. Students pursuing the Design and Production track should take T206 followed by T283/and or T284 as early as possible, as they are the prerequisites for nearly all of the advanced production classes. For those attempting to register or applying to advanced classes, please note that all required prerequisites must be met, and that admittance is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students wishing to take production classes can register at their appointed time through IU's registration system.

NOTE: As of Fall 2015, the Department of Telecommunications is no longer using the production application process and is part of the Media School. Production classes can be found under The Media School (MSCH). Production classes that were formerly listed with a T prefix (E.g. T351) now have a P prefix (E.g. P351).

Students wishing to take T437 (WTIU Production Workshop) must fill out an application in order to gain admittance. If accepted, they will be notified of their admittance, and then can register at their apoointed time using IU's registration system.

For a complete list of design and production courses visit our Design & Production Track page.

Fall 2015 400 level, video-related production classes (follow the links in red to the information pages):

  • P431 Video Documentary
  • P436 Advanced Cinematography (John Walsh)
  • P436 Advanced Production Workshop: IU Sports (Jo Throckmorton)
  • P437 WTIU Production Workshop (RTV Services)
    NOTE: 5 different versions are being offered:
    • Documentary: Production Assistant/Coordinator/Researcher
    • The Weekly Special: Production Assistant
    • Children’s Programming (The Friday Zone): Production Assistant/Assistant Editor
    • WFIU/WTIU News: Videographer/Editor/Production Assistant
    • Integrated Media: Online Content and Design Production Assistant
  • Students must fill out an application for admittance. Students may apply for up to two areas. Late applications will not be accepted.

Questions about the production classes can be directed to Jim Krause (812) 856-2172.