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The Department of Telecommunications offers four credentialed undergraduate programs of study: a major in telecommunications, a minor in telecommunications, a certificate in new media and interactive storytelling, and a certificate in game studies. Students may earn only one of these credentials.

Major in Telecommunications

Telecommunications majors study a broad range of electronic media. Areas include radio, television, cable, satellite services, telephony, multimedia, and the Internet. There are three areas of study:

Minor in Telecommunications

Requirements: A minimum of 15 credit hours in telecommunications, including:

  1. Two courses from among T101, T205, T206, and T207.
  2. Three additional telecommunications courses with at least 6 credit hours at the 300-400-level.

Certificate programs

These limited certificate programs are for students who do not major or minor in Telecommunications. If you are a major or minor in Telecommnications and have an interest in these topics, see the Department's full Program in Game Design.

Certificate in New Media & Interactive Storytelling
Includes digital radio and television, Internet applications, and video games.

BS in Game Design
This new undergraduate program will begin in the Fall semester of 2015. See