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Undergraduate Program | T431 Video Documentary

Instructor: TBD

Course Description: This is your opportunity to develop a half-hour documentary that has the chance to be produced in spring 2016 for possible broadcast on WTIU.

The class will screen film and television documentaries, analyzing how individuals, cultures, and events are described in these programs.  The class will discuss a variety of documentary genres and examine the varied roles of the documentary producer as a historian, explorer, social activist, journalist and entertainer.   

In addition, individual students will research, develop and prepare a proposed program treatment.  Some of these proposals will be selected for production in T435 (Spring 2013).

This is an authorized course that requires T283 or permission of instructor. Those who have completed T283 and will be enrolled in a 300-level production class in the summer or fall may apply and your application will be based on other coursework and experience.

While not a required prerequisite for T435 Documentary Production, it is highly recommended.