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Undergraduate Program | T435 Documentary Production

Instructor: John Walsh
6:00PM-10:00PM W / TV 157

Each member of the class will act as producer for a 3 to 5 minute narrative story that may be chosen to air on a weekly public affairs program on WTIU, Indiana University’s PBS station. This will give each member of the class the possibility of earning a broadcast credit as a producer. These short stories will help develop production teams and skills with production equipment during early class sessions. Evaluation of these projects will then help determine the final production assignments for a 30-minute documentary that will be produced and submitted to WTIU for possible broadcast. The subject/topic of the documentary will be chosen by the class and come from the documentary proposals developed in T431.  We are looking for individuals with skills as producers, writers, videographers, editors, graphic artists, sound engineers, and web designers.


  • Videographers/Editors – T351
  • Sound Design – T353
  • Graphics – T354

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