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Undergraduate Program | T436: Advanced Production Workshop

Instructor: Spencer
3 credit hours
Prerequisites: T206, and either T283 or T284, and two 300-level production courses, all with a C- or higher.

Web Video & Game Analysis is an advanced level, hands-on production course intended to to deliver students an applied learning experience, centered around the development and enhancement of Bloomington-based, game video website, Students will be expected to significantly enhance their practical understanding of Videography and Post Production in the Digital Age. Equally, students will be expected to stay abreast of the most current, game industry news by reading and watching a selection of the top blogs and game video websites. During the course of the semester, we will collaborate to create a series of high-quality game videos for mass distribution on the Internet. The class will provide the opportunity to drastically enhance one's portfolio, industry connectedness, and global web presence. Finally, students will learn--in the trenches--how to workshop each other's projects and ideas in an energetic, creative, and professional environment.

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