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Undergraduate Program | T436/T576: Advanced Production Workshop

T436/T576 Advanced Production Workshop: Digital Video Cinematography
Instructor: Jim Krause
Lecture: M 10:40-11:10 AM
Lab: W: 1:15 - 5:15 PM
1-3 credit hours
Prerequisites: T206, T283, and T351. (Preference given to students with both T351 and T356)
NOTE: Actors/Theater Majors who will be serving as talent do NOT need to fulfill the prerequisite requirement.

Description: This version of T436 focuses on storytelling, and explores advanced digital video cinematography techniques for both studio and field. Over the course of the semester, students will produce a number of short stories in both field and studio environments. The best projects will be assembled into an hour-long program entitled "Small Screen Cinema," which will be suitable for airing on a commercial broadcast, cable, or satellite distribution network. (WTIU, Showtime, A&E, etc.)

Text: Blain Brown "Cinematography: Theory and Practice" 2nd edition.

Distribution requirements: Because the completed program or parts of it, will likely be distributed, it is imperative that all work meets the technical and legal standards of commercially-distributed video. (All audio and video will reside within standard operating limits. All talent, locations, and existing intellectual property will have the proper clearances and license forms, etc.)

This particular version of T436 is suited for students wishing to explore film-making and cinematography, and who want to learn advanced video production techniques. Students are expected to posses a strong, working knowledge of video production. This class will build on your skills in the areas of:

  • Directing & producing
  • Blocking
  • Scene and story structure
  • Camera control, handling and techniques
  • Filters, effects, and lens controls.
  • Setting mood through lighting
  • Use of light meters & test equipment

By the end of the semester, every student will not only have learned a number of new techniques, but will have produced their own short-story projects, and will have assisted others in producing theirs. Students (and talent) can receive a copy of the finished program on either miniDV tape or DVD.

Talent and Story ideas: We will utilize talent from both the Department of Theater and Drama, and the Bloomington Playwright's Project (BPP). While students are welcome and encouraged to submit their own story ideas, we may try to incorporate original works from both the BPP and Lee Sheldon's screen writing class.

Other positions: While the majority of students will be taking the class for 3 credit hours, there are positions open for those who'd like to participate in a more specialized capacity, and for a variable number of hours (anywhere from 1-3 credit hours). These positions include:

  • Editors (2-3 credit hours) Prerequisite: T351
  • Graphic designers (1-2 credit hours) Prerequisite: T354
  • DVD producer (1-2 credit hours) Prerequisite: T358 or T454
  • Web designer (1-2 credit hours)
  • Actors (3 credit hours)

Structure: There are both lecture and lab/production components to this class. Attendance iat both the lecture and lab portions is required. During lecture, the instructor will review class materials, show examples, and demonstrate techniques. During the lab/production component, working in teams, students will practice applying the techniques that they have learned, and produce the various storytelling projects. It is likely that a significant amount of work will be required outside of our weekly scheduled class meeting times.

Students will be responsible for producing and/or working on a number of field and studio projects. In addition, they will fulfill the duties of other key positions including: director of photography, gaffer/lighting designer, grip, and production assistant, as they crew for other productions.

For more information contact Jim Krause (