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Undergraduate Program | T452:Topical Seminar in Design & Production

T452 Topical Seminar in Design and Production: 3D Production Workshop
(Fall 2014)

* Instructor: Chris Eller
* Syllabus online in OnCourse

The 3D Storytelling class was first developed and taught for the Fall 2010 semester then polished every Spring semester thereafter. The class works in groups, small production companies, to develop and shoot eight (8) short productions in full high-definition stereoscopic 3D. The students learn the history of stereoscopic cinema and how to develop material for a 3D production. The productions are watched and critiqued in class so improvements can be made in time for a screening in the state of the art IU Cinema at the end of the semester.

This prepares students to develop their own 3D productions as well as apply for jobs in the industry to work on 3D projects with other professionals. We are able to offer this class through the support of the Indiana University Advanced Visualization Lab, developers of the 3D rig that the class uses.

* (REQUIRED) "3D TV and 3D Cinema: Tools and Processes for Creative Stereoscopy" by Bernard Mendiburu
* (Recomended) "Cinematic Storytelling: The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know" by Jennifer Van Sijll
* (PDF in OnCourse) "Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema" by Lenny Lipton

Online Resources:
* 3D IU Students Blog (
* Chris Eller's production blog (

Assignments Overview:
* Develop and produce eight short movies as a class
* Write and update production manuals for use in class (examples: Stereographer/Camera Op, Editor, Director, DIT)
* Post the productions on YouTube using their 3D player settings
* Prepare the productions for packing into a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for screening at the IU Cinema

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