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Undergraduate Program | T452:Topical Seminar in Design & Production

T452 Topical Seminar in Design and Production: Make Your Own Film
Instructor: Robby Benson
9:00AM-5:00PM F / TV 169
1:00PM-5:00PM F / TV 127

Objective:  To learn, absorb, tell your stories, creatively nurture one another, create original films – and have fun.

This course will enroll 16 students, each of whom will produce a short, original, narrative film approximately 12-15 minutes in length. 

This two semester course will meet all day Friday, every Friday for the entire school year.

In the first semester, we will begin with your original scripts that will be honed, read and work-shopped. We will (respectfully and with industry standards) audition actors for your films. We will then begin the pre-production process on all films. By the end of the first semester we will begin shooting projects.

The second semester will be structured so that three sets of crews will be shooting at a time, showing dailies in class, showing cut footage in class, going through Foley, ADR and a music mix ending with a wonderful and fulfilling day of screenings of your movies in the I.U. Cinema, April 2014.


T206, T283, a 300 level production class, and T331.

Exemptions: Students who have not completed all of the prerequisite classes will need approval from course instructor Robby Benson. He can be reached at Because this course will be an intense script, production and post production experience, if you do not have an understanding of these skills – please be ready to work overtime to learn.


Be ready for a class that simulates industry standards – stimulates your goals, dreams, an urge to ‘tell your story,’ – and the quality that defines our business (‘old school’): to pass it forward, to those in class who do not have your skills and knowledge.

Filmmaking is a 24/7 life-style; in other words, your ideas should never stop marinating in your mind/body/soul, night and day. It’s heady! Wonderful!

Because of the nature of this class, the following expectation is non-negotiable:

All directors/storytellers/producers/writers/D.P.s/ etc. who enroll in this course must email their completed script to Robby Benson at least one week before the first day of class.  

Be ready to have a great year!