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Undergraduate Program | T452:Topical Seminar in Design & Production

Topic: Advanced Scriptwriting
1:00PM-3:45PM M / TV 169

Instructor: Susan Kelly

Course Description

T452 is an advanced script writing class in which students will write a feature length film. The prerequisites for this course are T331 and T283 and authorization by the instructor. Interested students who have taken scriptwriting in the Theater department should indicate what type and length of script was written for the class and the grade earned.

Students will write character biographies, a treatment, a beat outline, a first draft and a revised draft of a feature film. The class will be structured around writing workshops and lectures during which time we will read each other's work, give written and verbal feedback and study produced scripts for an understanding of theme, character and plot.

The class requires all of us to be committed to the writing process, to giving notes, and to making deadlines. The expectation is quite high that all of you will give your maximum creative energies toward making the best possible work environment and creating the best possible outcomes for your stories.