The Textiles Program

Textiles is an ever-changing practice, deeply rooted in historical processes, production, form and design. The relationship to these processes evoke opportunities which encourage diverse perspectives and influences in each individual’s art practice. Students are encouraged to explore the interdisciplinary, relational, performative, historical, cultural, social, and site-specific nature of textiles in a contemporary art context, while exercising the critical language of the exhibition and its elasticity.

The Textiles Area at Indiana University supports an expansive approach to fiber and material studies. The technical, conceptual and creative aspects of fibers and textiles are interlaced in the curriculum, enabling students to challenge how fiber interacts with contemporary practice in form and in content. Students pursue thematic and material investigations that further their understanding of both historical contexts and contemporary applications. Introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses cover a wide range of textile techniques and topics including weaving, pattern design, printing, direct and resist dyeing, felting, single line and pieced construction.