Alpha Iota: Indiana University-Bloomington’s chapter of Theta Chi fraternity.

Alumnus/alumni: initiated member(s) who has graduated from college.

Active: A fully initiated member who is currently enrolled in college.

New member/pledge: A non-initiated member of a fraternity.

Badge: The pin of an initiated member, received during the initiation ceremony and worn in a designated location.

Bid: An invitation to join a fraternity or sorority; given out by the recruitment chairman.

Brother: A term used by fraternity members when referring to each other.

Chapter: Refers to an individual fraternity or sorority at a specific college.

Fraternity: A name applied to all Greek organizations, but specifically men’s groups.

Greek: A member of a fraternity or sorority.

Initiation: The sacred ritual that brings the non-initiated member into full membership.

Inter-Fraternity Council: The governing body of all the fraternities on campus.

Legacy: A student who is a daughter/son, sister/brother, or grandchild of a member of a Greek organization.

Philanthropy: Community service or fundraising in the effort to promote human welfare.

New Member Period/Pledgeship: A trial period of learning about fraternity/sorority history, customs, and ideals.

Recruitment: The process of getting to know about fraternity and sorority life and potential involvement.

Ritual: The traditional, secret initiation ceremonies of a fraternity or sorority.

ΘΧ: Our fraternity’s Greek letters: Theta (Θ) and Chi (Χ).

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Current News

  • IUDM raises record $2.6 million

    IUDM raises record $2.6 million

    This past weekend, over 60 representatives from Theta Chi/Alpha Iota participated in the Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM). Our representatives were able to raise in excess of $41,000, which went toward the grand total of $2.6 million raised for the…Read more ›
  • Fraternities compete in BMOC

    Fraternities compete in BMOC

    Last month, Alpha Iota/Indiana sophomore Joe Weber (2016) was crowned IU’s Big Man On Campus at an event hosted by Zeta Tau Alpha. Twenty-eight men from IU fraternities competed for the title of Big Man on Campus in an all-male…Read more ›
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